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====== Coordination-Coaching ======
====== Coordination-Coaching ======
# Mumble permanences
====== GA ======
====== GA ======
* New guidelines for the assemblies
* New guidelines for the assemblies

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Practical info




Sunday 14th of December, read the agenda of the day for all details.


Taverne "De Granmaat"

Grote Markt 24, 9100 Sint-Niklaas


  • Morning : All Pirates - Everybody
  • Afternoon: Everybody


(10.00 - 13.00) Morning

(9.30) Meet at the station (to be confirmed)
(10.00) Welcome by Waasland Crew
(10.15) Icebreaker (Crews presentation)
(10.45) Reporting
  1. New interface
    1. Top Menu
  2. New structure
    1. Categories
  3. New features
    1. Formulars
    2. News
  4. Future projects
    1. Visual editor (Beta version)
  1. Knack
  2. Radio Panik
  1. Mumble permanences
  • New guidelines for the assemblies
    • Less Voting, more dialog
    • More space for our internet tools: Get Op
    • More preparation
    • Continuity in the assemblies

(13.00 - 14.00) Lunch

We can't make a potluck since the venue sells food. Here is a list of places where we can eat:

  • Panos sandich shop in the Stationsstraat 35
  • Basic Italian shop that sells pasta cups at Stationsstraat 52
    • Prices: 4.5 to 5.5 for a cup
  • Soep & Zoet, a soup store that also has homemade baking goods, Stationsstraat 16
    • 3.5 for a sandwich, 4 to 5 for soup
  • Enterken at Stationsstraat 11, also a sandwich shop like Panos but larger.

We suggest to coordinate int the discussion pad


Tentative agenda on pad below.


Direct link: http://piratepad.be/p/assembly_fall_2014_discussion


Todo list

  • Convocation (need a subscription formular to anticipate te number of participants)
  • Call to operational squads to prepare for reporting

  • Internet connection: OK: wifi available (Kasper has confirmed)

  • Local Etherpard server:

  • Wifi Router:

  • Food: Can't make a potluck since the venue sells food. We can choice a place to go in group. There is a line about lunch in the agenda.

  • Beamer:

  • Sound: OK (Thomas brings his speaker/microphone)

  • Printing of the document:
    • Need a document first --> so far, no printing needed

  • Chairs: OK (Kasper has confirmed)
  • Stickers for making badges + white board markers: name + something else?
    • Valerie can take care of stickers.
    • Who has markers?

Contact the orga

To contact us, go to the GA Squad page & pad