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5 September : Barcelona's Decidim Offers Open-Source Platform for Participatory Democracy Projects

The word Decidim translated from Catalan means we decide, and it's the name of Barcelona's digital infrastructure for participatory democracy. One part functional database and one part political statement, organizers say Decidim is key to a broad digital transformation that is taking place in Barcelona — its institutions, markets, and economy. Organized by the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona's citizens participate in a new digital commons, and its organizers hope that technology can improve democratic participation and foster good government.

16 August : Fearless Cities: the new urban movements

Red Pepper 
A wave of new municipalist movements has been experimenting with how to take – and transform – power in cities large and small. Bertie Russell and Oscar Reyes report on the growing success of radical urban politics around the world

21 July : Cities Against the Wall

ROAR Magazine 
Two years into its governing mandate, how is Spain’s municipalist movement fighting back against the impositions of global capital?

18 janvier : Barcelona Crowdsourced its Sharing Economy Policies. Can Other Cities Do the Same?

When the City Council of Barcelona asked democracy activist and researcher Mayo Fuster Morell for policy recommendations regarding the sharing economy, she suggested that the City Council take a different approach: Rather than relying on an expert to dictate policy from the top down, why not use a collaborative process to build a sustainable set of institutions and practices that would draw strength from the grassroots?