ITSquad/Meeting/24 10 2012

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Workgroup ITSquad
Date Wed 24 October 2012
Time ?
Venue Internet
Attendees Jonas, Greg, David, Koen, Aoulad, Tom, Paul Abdelkrim
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IT-Crowd meeting IT-squad: Plans, todo's and such. Where do we go from here and how will we get there. Present:

  • Jonas: West Vlaanderen - Core Team
  • Greg: LPI
  • David: Leuven Java
  • Koen: Antwerpen Linux
  • Aoulad: Webdesigner grafical
  • Tom: Drupal - frontend
  • Paul: User
  • Abdelkrim: Delphi,... Drupal

Current infrastructure

  • Infomaniak - hosting in Switserland - Belongs to the party
    • Cost: 120Euro/year (10Euro/month)
    • Running: Website, Mailinglists, Domain Name Hosting
  • Server Belgium - Jurgen
    • Cost: Free
    • Running: national lqfb, Redmine, proxy
  • 3 VPS's - Belongs to Wireless(Antwerpen/Brussel/België) - Koen will transfer to party
    • Cost: Free
    • VPS1 running:,,
    • VPS 2 running: Antwerpse lqfb
    • VPS 3 running:

Communication in the squad

  • We will set up a public mailing list (Jonas)
  • How to join? Fill in the form and send by snail mail
  • We should update the wiki
  • When will we meet? Thurseday at 19:00 on Google Hangout weekly
    • David sets this up and send reminder


  • Tom started development on integrated Drupal sollution.
  • Code will be put on Git
  • Will we start migrating to this site ASAP
  • Koen will provide a Debian (latest stable) VPS as a staging envirenment by Sunday evening
  • Tom will turn this into a staging server wyth Jenkins
  • First step is to migrate existing Wordpress site
  • Mail you public key to Koen

Mailing lists

  • mailinglist != newsletter
  • infomaniak is used but has serious drawback
  • Drupal plugin forum/mailinglist integration idee to replace the discussion lists
  • setting up a quick access to the newslists via an

Democracy tool

  • LQFB /