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Introduction to IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is a way for people to communicate in real time with each other. Much discussion is held on IRC as it allows for instant messaging, unlike the forum.

IRC works just like a typical chatroom, with rooms (we'll call them channels) existing on networks, which are made up of different servers. Channels are characterised with a hash key before the name, such as #PPBE, #PPI and #PPBE_web

The Pirate Party Belgium channel (together with some others) is hosted on the offical Pirate Party worldwide network, Piratpartiet. To access channels you need an IRC client to connect to an IRC server. You can either use a local installed program (IRC client) or a webservice. We recommend using (and learning how to use) a local IRC client, as you can customize it. This also means that you are accessing the Pirate network directly, making it more secure and enhancing your privacy.

The clients

The four main IRC clients are:

Tip: When you're installing or configuring your IRC client, it will ask you for your nickname and some other information.

Be informed that all the people on the server (also from other channels) can see this info.

If you want to be a little more secure, don't use the username from your machine as nickname.

Always use SSL for

You can also access our chat via

Most important commands

Most GUI clients have menus and mouse functions or keyboard shortcuts to handle most of the settings, but they are program specific.

These commands should work on most clients.

/server - Connect to the PirateIRC server.

/join #ppbe - Connect to the #PPBE channel (You can also join other channels)

/nick nickname - Changes your nickname

/msg nickname message - Sends a personal message (PM) to somebody on the network

/ignore nickname - Ignores the user, and stops them from being able to write you messages. However, this user can still see your messages.

/away - Sets your status to away, to notify other users you are not available. You can also add a reason behind to the commmand /away eating

/part - Leaves the current channel

/me action - Shows you performing an action, for example /me dances will be shown as * bliss dances

/whois nickname - Shows a little more information on the user, such as their name and which channels they are in

Authentication and Privacy

We would like to recommend the following steps in order to conceal your ip, and have your nickname of choice registered to you.

First off, you should register with NickServ.

/msg nickserv register <password> <email-address>

In a couple of minutes you will receive an email with a code you need to msg to NickServ in order to complete registration.

Once that is done, you can select a 'vhost' (virtual hostname) to conceal your ip.

/msg hostserv offerlist

You will have a list that shows you the available vhosts.

Choose one like:

/msg hostserv take be.pirate

Activate it like:

/msg hostserv on

From now on, you will automatically get the vhost upon identifying to NickServ.

It is advisable to auto-ID to NickServ by sending your NickServ password as server password.

You should have a 'server password' option in the server setup dialog of your client.

If not, you can always use the command to connect with server password like:

/server 6697 mynick:myNSpassword

or just

/server 6697 myNSpassword

Do note that when you are not using SSL your NickServ password will always go over the wire in cleartext!


There is a webclient provided on

You can easily fill in your nickname and enter #ppbe for the channels.


Currently there is one bot operational on #ppbe, namely luxxorz. luxxorz is written in perl by brabo, and if you have suggestions for features, you can always poke him on #ppbe.

His functions at this time are:

something++/something-- - Add or substract karma from something

$karma something - Will make the bot show the current karma points for 'something'

$tinyurl - Will make the bot tinyurl and return that

$title - Will make the bot show the page's title plus a tinyurl

ddg something/luxxorz something - Will make the bot search DuckDuckGo for 'something'

s/something/somethingelse - This will make luxxorz perform a substitution ala sed on the last line it saw before the s// command

More Info

There is a .onion link available for Tor users, and IPV6 ready servers.