EGA2012/Statutes/Meeting/12 01 2013

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Workgroup Statutes Squad
Date Sat 12 January 2013
Time ?
Attendees Marouan, Koen, Paul, Jonas, François, Stef, Nofel
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Marouan, Koen, Paul, Jonas, François, Stef, Nofel


About the text

How consolidate the voted proposals ?

  • voted text on EGA
  • Document modified by voting
  • Based on this two documents, a pad is created to compile all votes.
  • This document will be available :
    • on a pdf document, same layout
    • on wiki : two different page by language
    • on the website : html and pdf to download
  • Rules to compile :
  • Ne sont pas repris dans le document final :
    • ce qui est rejeté
    • ce qui n'a pas été traité
    • ce qui a été postposé
  • Le pad sera mis sous LaTeX par Jonas

About the rules

  • How to apply the rules ?
    • Le mécanisme de contrôle n'existe pas : donc pas de pouvoir d'appliquer les règles.
    • Coreteam will be in charge to contact all Pirates to pay attention to the voted text. Each Pirates have the right and the duty to check if rules are respected. If not, a Pirate can make an official complaint by sending a mail to the Coreteam. When a Court of Arbitration will be settled, it will deal with these unresolved cases.

What's next ?


  • Propositions non traitées : ask to people if they want to submit there proposals again, and if so, to litteraly say what needs to be changed in the current statutes in order to have their proposal in there.


  • Core values : how to write a consistent "article 1" ?