Crew Gent/Meeting/22 11 2011

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Workgroup Crew Gent
Date Tue 22 November 2011
Time ?
Venue Hackerspace Whitespace
Blekerijstraat 75
9000 Gent
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  • Organize a Pirate Drink evening
  • Continue working on the ghent manifest
  • Signatures for elections participation "gemeente"
  • Meetings
  • Concrete actions
  • 30 nov: Jurgen talk
  • Berlin pirates videostreaming event
  • Mailing list
  • Blog op DWM (de wereld morgen)


Temp = Mike as Roel is absent

Organize a Pirate Party Drink

  • We want to organize one?
  • Doodle wise?
    • Do, Vrij, Zat
    • Gouden Mandeke
  • Around next week?
  • Sandb will do the organizing and doodle stuff. (-> need to know on Wednesday)

Continue working on the ghent manifest

  • lets look at this every meeting until it is ready
  • Roel not here, let's look at this next week.
  • Again: this is a Ghent Crew Manifest
  • Working (or draft) wiki-manifest, approved manifest on wiki (aka parallel documents)

Signatures for elections participation "gemeente"

  • Can do this up front
  • What are the rules -> glen has rules, digitally, will post them on wiki
  • Lets make sure we have a form, and know who to ask when the time is right


  • proposal no meetings week before and after new year.
    • agreed upon

Concrete actions

  • learn from succesfull pirates
  • flyering? (-> 1 voter per 10.000 flyers, not much): not our main focus; go digital; (Nino makes flyer)
  • how will we get our point across?
    • don't get ahead of ourselves - Ghent 243.366 (01/01/2010) inhabitants
    • make an (open) list of all contactable journalists
    • slogans (appealing + content)
    • how to get women involved?
    • manifesto
    • example action:

30 nov: Jurgen talk

  • invite press
  • let kafka and Jurgen know if and which journalists are coming (Nino->jurgen \ Glenn --> Kafka)
  • let's prepare manifest
    • ask everyone to write a paragraph to get content, mail to mailinglist
  • get together on sunday at the space (0x20), 17:00.
  • next Tuesday: swarm on Ghent manifest

Berlin pirates videostreaming event

  • Glenn and Nino will contact some Berliners
  • video conferencing with Germany on a tuesday 20h30?

Mailing list

  • make archive? - Just asked to do so on the ML
  • mike will check with Jurgen
  • reposting service: all posted on
  • Update
    • Jurgen did set up a nabble archive as the current provider does not provides this service.
    • You can click the "Archief" link's on this page.

Blog on DWM (de wereld morgen)

  • First article -> Ghent Manifesto
  • Roel made a blogaccount

Agenda next week

  • Swarm on Ghent manifest (only)

Agenda in two weeks

  • Presentatie Klaas: Tegenstemmen

Live notes on