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Cleanup old projects Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Workgroup piratelab
Start date Sat 28 March 2020
Status In progress


This project is to go over the projects and make sure that the list of active projects is correct and clear to read.


We currently saw the problem of having too much projects that people have started, but not enough people to do them. We want to find a way to advertise the projects better (using the project page), make them more welcoming and have a better overview for the people actually working on the projects.


The project started in Pirate_Lab/Meeting/28_03_2020


Pad of the lab where this started


  • Create a wiki page for that cleaning up project
  • Advertise on loomio about what we decided / are doing
  • Cleanup the Active Projects wiki page : [1]
    • Meeting to check what we did, and do the rest if needed : 1pm(13h) on 29th March, online : [2]
      • How do we decide ? By checking the mindmap ! [3]
  • List all active/started project that are not on the list yet
  • Complete what's missing for each project (so yes, also this one :grin:)
    • Good description of the project
    • Contactperson is known
    • Pad/loomio/wikipage
  • Close the project on the wiki