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Stragegic Plan


This page presents a Stragegic plan that could be applied by the Pirate Party Belgium but also by other Parties (not limited to Pirates of other countries) or activist or any other goup in order to have an impact in the legislative process. The assumption on which is based this plan is that in order to make changes, we don't need to be elected but we rather need the changes to be already happening. Indeed, I think the legislators are not the one who are launching the initiatives but they just acknowledge a change that already happened and then supervise it with laws.

It is important to understand that we want the change to happen BEFORE the legislative process because it means our objectives as Pirates are not (only?) about election but, more importantly, about direct action that impacts our surrounding environment.

Analysis of the situation

Before acting, we first need to have a basic understanding of the system we live in and why some behaviors are more widespread than others even if those behaviors are recognized as being inefficient and even dangerous.


  • Explain how differient initiatives/groups support each other with graph theory.
  • Show that media, education, government, corporations and banking system are all supporting one another.

Building alternatives

If we agree on the fact that we live in a system composed of different actors that are interacting together and that the actors that are favored are the actors that meet the interests of the other powerfull actors, what can we do ?

The answer I propose is to build alternatives and to build them in parallel in such a way that they support one another. Indeed, it is my belief that alternatives have always been proposed but they mostly were isolated and, by the way, were condemned to either cease existence because of a lack of cash, either struggling to survive and never truly reaching a mass adoption.


  • build local initiatives based on the phone calls map.
  * transition network
  * cooperatives (partago, enspiral, coopcycle, fairbnb, ...)
  • federate towns by following the roads network (N4, ...)