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  • Informal online meetings. There is a closed Facebook group: Belgian Pirates United. Here we post and share anything we want. There are no restrictions, and the group is not moderated. Interesting articles are often shared, questions asked and comments or reminders given, as well as occasional polls, etc. But sometimes the group is also used to vent frustrations, which unfortunately can lead to a snowball effect of incomprehension and additional frustrations. In those moments, it is better to let a message settle for at least an hour before posting it (which is good advice for anywhere). For many, this group is the first point of contact with the pirates. So it's important to understand that the pirates are much more than this group (certain pirates don't even have a Facebook account, and so are not members of the group). Facebook is just not the tool to really get things done, that's why we also have created other tools, like Loomio, the pirate labs and the squads.