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--NingúnOtro I strongly oppose the fact that a direct entry in the Pirate Party Wiki without any sign of approval of its content by the wider Assembly can be made representative of the thoughts of the Pirate Party as a whole on any subject.

"Pirate Democracy" is too important a subject to have Paul Nollen take on it be what any circumstancial visitors to our Wiki get to believe that what he writes is what the whole Party takes for granted.

If there is one thing more wrong than any other about it... it is the fact that he may think that he is entitled to try to get away with it simply by having the guts to write it down and publish it in the Wiki.

One of the biggest dangers of direct democracy... everyone thinks his take on things is authoritative enough, and he lacks the reflex to ask others for their opinion on the matter. Instead of a community, we become an opportunistic gathering of mere individuals each trying to retrieve more than what we input, all chaotically improvised and geared towards the survival of the fittest...

It is impossible to start any discussion or come to any conclusion without giving some content. I don't try to impose anything. I just wanted to offer the possibility to study and discuss the subject of "democracy". For a lot of people "direct democracy" like it exists in Switzerland and half of the US states is simply unknown. The very basic discussions on the mailing lists prove this. Our squad just had his first meeting in order to try to organise open workshops about the democracy item. I hope that we can provide some information about these workshops in the next week or so. Maybe this can reassure you that we don't intend to impose anything. At due time we may reach a conclusion in the Squad and even then that conclusion has to be approved by the general assemblee. Apart from direct democracy there are other forms of democracy worth talking about. I am a member (amongst other organisations) of participedia who offers very interesting examples --Paul Nollen 20:40, 13 November 2012 (CET)

My comment was not that much about the presented content, but about the way that no care was taken to showcase it as something being proposed or under discussion. For any casual visitor... whatever you have written down there showcases as the PP-BE take on Pirate Democracy. With most of the Pirates not even knowing something about it had been written down in the wiki for everyone to read.

Just imagine how the Pirate Party of Belgium could work if every member did more or less the same. Wait!... ain't that exactly the experience we have had for the provincial and local elections ;( . --NingúnOtro 00:23, 14 November 2012 (CET)

Always welcome to improve our objectives, we did our best to explain them on the squad page:

Objectives of the squad

The purposes of this squad are to

1. help define what a Pirate Democracy could be (working documents and presentations are listed there)

2. interact with other Pirates to try to reach a consensus on this question

3. help publicize our view on democracy (provided point 2 is achieved)

4. work on the tools that will be needed to implement this new type of democracy

--Paul Nollen 09:10, 14 November 2012 (CET)