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How to add a new paragraph in the statutes

Use this form. Note that the number should be an integer or a number of between x.2 and x.9. A paragraph labeled x.10 would be sorted before x.2, which is not what is intended.

Don't forget to adjust the range of the corresponding section on the statutes page (see next section).

How to manage sections

Sections are directly written on the main page. The deepest sections should include a link to the range of paragraphs contained in it. Such a link has the following form. The red text need to be changed and correspond to the bold text just before.

{{#queryformlink:form=Statutes query
 |query string=Statutes%20query%5Bfrom%5D=15&Statutes%20query%5Bto%5D=54&Statutes%20query%5Blang%5D=FR&wpRunQuery=true
 |link text=Voir les articles en français
  • from is the number of the first paragraph included;
  • to is the number of the last paragraph included;
  • lang is the language in which the paragraphs will be displayed. The allowed values are FR, NL and FR-NL.
  • link text is the text to be displayed on the link.