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Workgroup Com-X Squad
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Sun 30 December 2012
Contact Loomio thread
Status In progress


The objective of this project is to create textual content that will be published on the website of PPBe.


There is a process that is used since a few years and that usually goes like this :

  1. A Pirate opens a thread on the Loomio subgroup of the Website Squad
    1. That thread contains [Post] in the title so that other Pirates recognize it's about a potential publication on the website
    2. The thread opens with a description of what the article is about
    3. There is also a link to a pad
  2. Two works happen in parallel :
    1. On the pad, there is a draft being written, often after mentioning some key elements that should be included in the article
    2. On the Loomio thread, a more general discussion about the article happens, also including where it stands, if it needs help in a specific section etc
  3. Once the article is written, some time is given for late feedback and for three Pirates to validate the article (usually the Pirates who have already contributed themselves)
  4. Depending of the topic of the article, a translation from French to Dutch or from Dutch to French is made, unless it is seen as useless or irrelevant
  5. The article is published on the website, which usually include a picture to illustrate it
  6. Once it's published, it can be shared by other channels (social networks, newsletter, etc)

This is not a mandatory process, but it's usually that way that is followed. If another process is used, it's a good practice to make it clear so that Pirates can know where and how they can contribute and give their feedback.

Articles currently open to contribution

If you want to contribute to the following articles (as a writer, to give input, to translate, to illustrate, to share, etc), you can join one of these open articles :

17/04/2020 : Pirate comment on the coronavirus crisis

Article about the coronavirus crisis // Loomio thread // Pad

27/01/2020 : New eID card with fingerprints

Article about new Belgian ID cards that contain fingerprints // Loomio thread // Pad

02/12/2019 : Privacy alternatives

Article about alternatives to avoid surveillance // Pad

21/11/2019 : Amnesty International

Article about AI's report that Facebook and Google are threats to our privacy // Loomio thread // Pad

Already published articles

This sections lists the articles that have already been published on our website. The dates are the day the Loomio thread was opened. List to be completed.