Mons 2015 VZW/ASBL Gifts

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Welcome to the page of the project


Mons 2015 VZW/ASBL Gifts

Timeline Meetings
Mons 2015 VZW/ASBL Gifts Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Workgroup Café Europa : Europa ideal with the pirates
Start date Fri 1 May 2015
End date Sat 6 June 2015
Contact david_batens(@hotmail).com (delete ( ) in the address)
Status Done


For Mons 2015 there will be workshops organized by the crew of La Louvière. There is a possibility to receive a grant. The organizing committee of Mons 2015 wants to give te money only to a VZW/ASBL. Because the crew of La Louvière need the money to finance their workshops we want to create one. The VZW is only for the financial aspects.

To make a VZW/ASBL for the Pirateparty would take to long so we decided on the last pirate lab to create a separate one. It is a project from some pirates to help other pirates.

This does not mean that the creation of a VZW/ASBL for the Pirateparty is ended. It is a different project.


  • Friso C
  • Valerie
  • Koen D
  • David B

Every pirate is invited to work constructively in this task-force if you want send an e-mail to david_batens(@hotmail).com (delete ( ) in the address) and you will be put on the mailing list.


To adapt (not copy!!) the statutes of the VZW/ASBL The Black Pearl into a new VZW/ASBL which is:

Time Line

There are 8 phases:

When there is a change the collaborators of the task-force will be informed by e-mail.

Current phase: Some Pirates of the Brussels crew have also prepared a VZW/ASBL and they will take over the project

Final file of the statutes, in French, for archiving and for possible use later as a model: File:Statuts piratelab.odt