Mastodon/Code of Conduct/Meeting/02 05 2020

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Updating Mastodon's Code of Conduct Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Mastodon's Code of Conduct
Date Sat 2 May 2020
Time 2:00pm
Venue Online (Ching Shih Room)
Previous meeting
Topics Pirate Party
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This meeting serves to improve the Code of Conduct, some months after its first version was released.

The pad for this meeting can be found here : (at the bottom for the meeting notes specifically)


Discussion about the accounts that are on our instances to increase their referencing (business accounts that are not active). We'll specify in the guidelines in the CoC : "no referencing" (it's a kind of spam)

We'll add a "resources" section for tools like URL cleanup (nitter, invidious instance list, etc.), ...

Debate : should the registering be entirely open (as currently) or more closed (invite and requests only)? For now, we don't answer that question ourselves (debate will be done using our PPBe account)

We added some paragraphs in the "How to handle moderation?" section.

To-do list

  • ask Ilja if ok that list of moderators is "public" + add his account
  • check the new paragraphs that have been added (Ilja)
  • ask on loomio for reviews (renaud, after Ilja reviewed)
  • check the suspend/silence/mask/block terms (for coherence)
  • publish the text when a consensus is reached
  • ask on Mastodon about the registration and the spam fighting (Renaud via @ppbe)