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Version 1

The pirate party is an internationnal party. Also, it is still made up of a majority of activists for the moment.

Version 2

Reformed Organic Structure / Hierarchy abuse risistant / Consencus Movement Reseasch leading to Openminding, Transparency and Tolerance.

Version 3

Pirate Party is a political party that works bottom up, a grassroot movement.

Version 4

Political parties mostly originate from a dissent with the current political system. Liberals were against the overbearing powers of the royals, the socialists wanted rights for the workers and more recently the greens wanted a better look at these ecological problems. The Pirate Party has a dissent of its own: democracy needs an update to modern standards. In the early days, it was more like “getting freedom of speech” up-to-date. “Leave the internet alone” was an early exclamation of the Pirate Party and had the idea underneath. Because trying to regulate the Internet, is a consequence of governments and corporations thinking they know it better than the people, thinking people need to be protected and oppressed. The Snowden revelations are another confirmation of this. They forget that most people went to school, can think for themselves and that most politicians are not smarter than most citizens. This early movement came out of nothing with people that would not be too much interested in politics before, but became it more and more, simply because politics was in the way of their obvious ideas. The Pirate Party was the fastest growing political movement in Europe, arose from nothing in recent years, is represented in 50 countries, has 2 MEPs and sent shockwaves through establishment already.

The ideas broadened from internet freedom of speech to updating democracy to modern standards. Our legislation is always behind, but more fundamentally, our particratic system is still based on the concerns of the past. With the technological evolution towards open source and open innovation, it has become evident that governments should be transparent to their citizens for example using open data. But, when it is about taking decisions, ordinary citizens are still represented by these old power blocks with their old ideas which no longer count: the system for workers has become too complex, the liberals are stuck in the system instead of being able to foster economy, greens make their point, but get overruled by companies lobbying their legislation and nationalists tend to go back to conservative ideas. When we base it on new ideas that can grow bottom-up from dynamic parts of society instead, it can make legislation less complex and our democracy more efficient with more involvement from all of us. An evolution towards a more direct, liquid democracy. At first sight, these ideas seem contradictory to starting a party because we want to get rid of the particracy. But that is the system as it is today and evolving from one system to the other can not just happen in one quick flash as the way we think, needs to change at the same time. That is why the Pirate Party tries to think as much as possible in terms of liquid democracy in the way we operate, but more importantly in the positions we take: how would we decide if we decided the modern way and which information is missing or not given objectively right now?

Version 5

De Piratenpartij komt naar voor met belangrijke kernwaarden, wil de monopolies opheffen, vrijheid tot de 7e macht ;-)