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Who are the pirates? (What is their history, ...)

Version 1

Pirate comes from the closing of pirate bay. It was a political answer for reviewing intellectual ownership and adapt it to the ease of copying and sharing with internet technologies. It latter evolved into more social themes like basic income, liquid democracy, and others with the german pirates.

Version 2

The «public identity» of the hacking culture. Freedom / Self Leading / Empowering / Trransparency / Open Culture

Version 3

Pirates are people who want to promote freedom of information, free culture, equality, open-source software, privacy, etc.

Version 4

Pirates are historically people that make fun of the ruling authorities and know how to lead their own way of life, which is not a bad comparison with the philosophy behind the Pirate Party. Historically however, the name was derived from the Piratebay. The first Pirate Party to be established was the Pirate Party of Sweden (Swedish: Piratpartiet), whose website was launched on 1 January 2006 by Rickard Falkvinge. Falkvinge was inspired to found the party after he found that Swedish politicians were generally unresponsive to Sweden's debate over changes to copyright law in 2005. The Belgian Pirate Party was founded in 2009 following our Swedish and German colleagues. In 2010, we ran our first elections. In 2012, we ran onto local elections and made over 50.000 votes across the country. Since we have grown to a fleet of over 400 pirates, spread across the entire country. (I admit this answer is mostly copy pasted to give me more time for the others)

Version 5

zoals ik kon lezen, komt de partij oorspronkelijk uit Zweden, maar ik denk dat dit maar een officiële registratie betreft, tenslotte sluimerden hier al langer piraten.