Internal Democracy/Meeting/30 04 2017

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Internal Democracy: Creating guidelines Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg
Workgroup Internal Democracy
Date Sun 30 April 2017
Time 2:00pm
Venue l'Esperance
Rue du Finistère 1-3
1000 Brussels
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We will meet in De 'l'Esperance', Rue du Finistère 1-3, 1000 Brussels at 14h00.

The aim of this meeting will be to further define guidelines for a democratic meeting. Everybody who wants to help with this is, of course, welcome :)


Direct link to the pad


  • keep using the proposed structure
  • maybe try the use of the silent object
  • discuss about (if possible in subgroups)
    • reporting
    • keep reviewing the structure / moderation


We applied the guidelines produced during previous meetings. We started by a roundtable asking each participant how they feels, what are their expectations and wishes about this meeting. We divided into two subgroups : one about "reporting" and the other about "sociocracy".

In the reporting subgroup, we started by defining what are the goals of the reporting process. We identified the following purpose:

  • Communicate to the people who may be interested, so that they can follow the decisions and creations, integrate the group by getting informed of the next meeting's purpose, date and location, and by acknowledging the meeting guidelines in used.

In order to achieve this, we take note together of the decisions and creations during the meeting, We define the next meeting's purpose, date and location at the end of the current meeting. We put the meeting guidelines on the meeting's wiki page and we explain them at the beginning of the group.

In the sociocracy subgroup, we identified 3 things in a sociocracy meeting that could be useful:

  1. Opening round : how do you feel right here, right now (personal)
  2. Non-verbal signs we already use (sometimes) : want to speak - want to react quickly - agree - don't agree - need explainations or translation
  3. Closing round : what are your feelings about the meeting, what could/will you bring back home (did you learn something, are you going to work on something), how do you feel right now (personal) - can be different or the same than during the opening round

There where also two tools discussed in the sociocracy subgroup:

  • A flowchart you can follow to reach an agreement(odg, jpg) and
  • the voting system 'vote without candidate':
    1. Everyone votes for the person they think is best for the job.
    2. Everyone explains why they chose that person,
    3. if people want to change their votes they can, and can explain why they want to change.
    4. When everyone is confident about their vote, a proposition is made (this means that the person who is chosen is not per sé the person with the most votes!).
    5. Everyone can agree to this proposition, if not, see the flowchart.

For the next meeting, we decided that it could be useful to talk again about the structure, since it's linked to our thoughts about reporting, especially in regard to integrating newcomers. We shall also discuss about where do we report (wiki or pad ?), and put the theory of reporting into practice.