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This tutorial aims to help you in importing wiki events on Google Calendar.

  1. On the wiki events page, copy the Export for iCalendar link.
    Wiki Export Events Link.png
  2. Go to the Url Shortener page, and paste the link. Click on Shorten and copy the short url.
    Wiki Url Shortener.png
  3. On Google Calendar, click on the three vertical dots menu next to "Add calendar", and choose From URL to add a new calendar.
    GoogleCalendar New Calendar.png
  4. Paste the shortened url, then click the "Add calendar" button.
    GoogleCalendar Add Calendar.png
  5. Congratulations ! You have created your PPBe calendar. This will be automically updated each time someone create a new event page on the wiki :)
    GoogleCalendar PPBe Calendar.png