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This can be the main principles of the internal structure of the Pirate Party :

  • Decentralization and local autonomy in a fractal federalism : A consequence of direct democracy is fractal federalism (or concentric federalism) and a local autonomy as close to the people as possible (municipality, subprovincial region, province, canton). This is how Switzerland with its direct democracy works (with cantons and municipalities). Each level do only those tasks for which they are best suited according to the principle of subsidiarity.
  • The Pirate Party is not build op from top-down, but from bottom-up. Local crews and squads are the basic entities of the Pirate Party, like the basic units of fractals. Crews are territorial entities, while squads are functional entities. Each level get clear and homogenous competences, and each level exert its competences autonomous with respect of the common values of the Pirate Party. In cases of conflicts a neutral advisory counsil in the Parite Party decide.
  • Most autonomy must be as close as possible to the crews and squads by the principle of subsidiarity. Crews of a thin populated countryside have other needs and problems than crews of a dense populated urban area.
  • Crews and squads can decide to pool the part of their autonomy that needs a bigger level in a federation.
  • Local crews can establish federations on provincial level, which can establish a federation on the national level, which can establish a federation on BeNeLux-level, which can establish a federation on EU-level, which can establish an international federation. Like fractals repeating their basic structure.
  • Functional squads can establish federations with related squads too in the same way like the crews.
  • English is too an offical language of the Pirate Party Belgium. Esperanto should be better as neutral international language, but in the meanwhile English can be a good alternative in Belgium.