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Current state of the "Basic Income Tech"-world Toicon-icon-avocado-schedule.svg
Date Tue 3 October 2017
Time 6:30pm
Venue The Sister Brussels Café
Rue Chair et Pain, 3
1000 Brussels
Price Free
Website [1]
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Topics Universal Basic Income (UBI)
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There are several ongoing projects worldwide that are moving ahead:

- Grantcoin moved to 2.0 and is rebranding to Manna

- The Berlin based Circles project is progressing on development

- a ubicoin.network white paper has been launched that connects the idea of Basic Income with the protocol of Bancor.network

- There are other projects like http://ovie.io/ , https://www.givedirectly.org/ , https://www.winc-ev.org/ & http://catallax.info/ , http://www.resilience.me, ... all building on this same idea of introducing a Basic Income to society , not via politics, but via tech and a new collaborative economic model (with blockchain as a catalyst for this)

This meetup will be an online & offline event.

We will try to get representatives of each of the ongoing projects calling in on a google hangout session, present their specific project & contribute their views on the challenges they are facing.

Rhys Lindmark will be joining on the call as moderator of this panel & to guide the discussions. There will also be room for Q&A of the audience.

We welcome both BasicIncome-enthusiasts as CryptoCurrency-lovers to Brussels to find out about the future of Basic Income and Cryptocurrency & discuss all this afterwards over a Belgian Beer.

About the Organizer

Belgium Basic Income Tech Meetup is about strategies to implement an Unconditional Basic Income (as described by UBIE - http://basicincome-europe.org/ubie/) without the struggle of a political process but by the means of new technology, disruptive currencies (like bitcoin) & a Peer-to-Peer Economy model. This group is based on the Berlin meetup on the same topic (http://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Basic-Income-Bedingungsloses...) .

This group is for :

- People who are interested in discussing the idea of Basic Income

- People interested in social innovation by the means of new technology

- People who are interested in a further growth of digital currencies

- People who are interested in different forms of government

- People supporting Peer-to-Peer Economy models

We started this group to bring Basic Income advocates and Bitcoin/Blockchain evangelists together to interact, discuss, learn and challenge eachother in the idea of using digital currencies and blockchain for a Basic Income experiment.