Crew Brussels/Meeting/01 02 2012

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Workgroup Crew Brussels
Date Wed 1 February 2012
Time 7:30pm
Attendees Jurgen, Antonio (PPEs), Xavier, Paul, Frédéric, Monika, Lien, Cédric
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Réunion en français et anglais. PV en anglais

ACTA protest 11/02

  • We need to know very rapidly what's being done at organisational level (location, authorization,...) in Belgium. If everything continues to appear fuzzy than we'll have to act now and fix it. (English) & (French)

  • Who contacts the people on the different Facebook pages/lists?

Merchandising - Flagz

  • We have to order some more flags etc. This to become very visible when participating to protests and events. Here we'd like to know who wants flags and other items as we'll have to order now too.

  • Regarding the ACTA protest we have to make (a) bigger banner(s) with clear messages. This to make sure people who see the protest know what it's about. We also need (broom)sticks for the flags and build a system keep them open and visible even if there's no wind.
  • Who will take charge here ?

Beer and work meeting locations

  • It has been suggested to start to alternate beer/work meetings every second week, and to change location every now and then regarding the beers. We need to find suitable locations for both. Locations should allow at least 10 persons to gather. Suggestions and proposals are welcome.
  • Who will coordinate ?


  • Combined to the ACTA protests which should last until june we have to find ways to quickly cranck up pressure on market players.

We learned yesterday that following the whole MegaUpload/SOPA/PIPA/ACTA shebang two people attending already cancelled their tv subscription (and more. canceling land lines, reducing telco services to the minimal needed level,...).

  • Has been suggested to launch a kind of "#opMegaShutdown" where people are asked to do the same and send a letter to their operators explaining why they did so ("we won't give you money for tv (etc) as tv wants to kill our fundamental freedoms and you give them money").
  • Letters/mails to lots of other ACTA backing parties stating one will not buy any of their products anymore can help too.
  • Question : Launch this project ? Drop it ? We will need people to work on this (gathering information, writing in different languages, publishing web content, research,...)
  • Who takes the lead ?