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We have some pirate party goodies, some we give away, some we sell to support the party. In particular: T-Shirts are 15 euros, pins are 1 euro. Stickers we give away for free :-).

We currently have the following prized possession below;


Small Logo Big Logo
S 3 3
M 0 0
L 1 2
XL 3 3
XXL 2 1

Banners and Flags

  • One banner 284x94
  • Two flags 156x97

Small stuff

  • 10 PirateParty pins
  • Stickers:
    • Some Pp black round ones
    • One Pp white round one 1
    • Some GAS stickers
    • Some Pp white small round ones
    • Lots of Pirate Party rectangular stickers


We right now have 64,35 in cash with a 5 euros still to come.