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Post-Electoral and pre-GA event preparation Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Fri 2 May 2014
Status Done

Post-Electoral and pre-GA event preparation

Context of the project

  • 31st of may will be one week after the election. Whatever the result, we will need to define new objectives and share our experience. The construction of PPBE continues.


Agenda of the day

0. Welcome

  • 10h : Gates open.

1. Elections wrap-up (10h30 - 13h00)

  • Intro - 20 min
  • Speech of elected pirates - 5 min
  • Highlights and results of the elections, ereronde/tour d'honneur des candidats - 15 min
  • Evaluation of the election (workshop) - 45 min
  • Pirates share thoughts and fill in an evaluation form by groups of 5 - 45 min

BREAK - 10 min

  • Presentation of the evaluations - 30 min
  • Q&A based on the output of the workshop - 30 min


2. GA preparation (14h00)

  • Party overview - 60 min
  • Presentation of the coreteam - 20 min
  • Presentation of crews - 30 min

BREAK - 10 min

  • Presentation of the GA process - 5 to 10 min
  • Presentation of getopinionated - 5 min
  • Workshop in groups based on thematics - 45 min
  • Pirates gather in small groups to discuss ideas and projects about statutes, programme...
  • Highlights of the workshop - 5 min

BREAK - 10 min

  • Overview of current typical operations, who's who, who's working on what? - 15min
  • Workshop in groups on operational topics - 45 min
  • Highlights- 5 min
  • Closing event : Pledging - 20min

Every pirate is invited to state what projects he will take on in the coming months


Could be 18h00, you know how it is with Pirates...

After Party at Byrr?

Ask Paul Bossu


Invitation text, Agenda, Registration form

In charge: Manu & Vincent

  • Make the agenda on one A4
  • Make the invitation text
  • Decide and implement a registration solution

Send message to all members

In charge: Manu & Vincent

  • need help from: Jonas and Marouan for member list & diffusion tools.

Venue : Venue for about 100 pirates

In charge: Thomas

  • Call DeMarkten/ViaVia on Monday!
  • Budget : there is a GA budget, so it should be OK. How much?

Registration during the morning

In charge: Patrick & Paul

Technical setup

In charge: Vincent & ??? (Need 1 or 2 people. Koen? Fred from Hackerspace?)

Time Keeper

In charge: Manu

Presenters + moderator (Fr & Nl)

In charge: Thomas & Valerie

Digitilalization group

In charge: Frédéric M. & ???

  • put productions of the day on the Wiki


  • Templates: => Valérie
    • Election evaluation
    • Questions to coreteam, party, elected
    • 2 x Goals (1 side) and Contacts & Calendar (2nd side)
    • Invite/brief speakers => Valérie & Thomas
    • Big map + thumb tacks or post-its and stickers => Patrick


Sunday 11th May

When, where : 2.30pm in Pirate Office (rue Gérard 47A, 1040 Bxl).

0. [10'] Welcome, appointment of a chairman and a minutes secretary (by consensus) and overview of the agenda.

1. Post-election part

  • [10'] Determine the purpose of the event, regarding the elections.
  • [20'] Determine how to organize the event in order to achieve this purpose : what kind of activities? Involving who?

2. Pre-GA part

  • [10'] Brainstorming on the purpose of next GA : what do you want to see happening on next GA? what is it going to be about?
    • The outcome of this brainstorming will be forwarded to the coreteam to help them settle this.
  • [10'] Determine the purpose of the event regarding next GA : How does this event fit? What should be discussed/worked on during the event?
  • [20'] Determine how to organize the event in order to achieve this purpose : What kind of activities? Involving who?

3. [20'] Designing the event

  • How are we going to combine the two parts? What other things should be organized?

4. [20'] Requirements

  • Determine what are the tasks to be done in order to successfully organize the event : advertising, logistics...

5. [10'] Dispatch work.

  • Should result in an extensive todo list.

6. [5'] Congratulate each other.

  • Because we deserve it.

Tuesday 27th May

When, where : 7pm, in Leuven, café Marie-Thérèse, Martelarenplein 1 (opposite the station).

Working pads


Brainstorming, questions, discussion, suggestions,...

Direct link to the pad: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/event_140531



Facebook group

Twitter #

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