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Crew Crew Antwerpen (Stad)
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I joined the Pirate Party in september 2013 in the Netherlands.

I worked as editor of the program for the local Amsterdam elections in 2014

And as campaign cordinator region Amsterdam in the European elections

I've been in the communication group in the Netherlands, writing blogs for

In 2014 I moved to Antwerp, where my first contacts were the Antwerp Pirates.

In 2017 I starting engaging myself for PPBE as recruiter for the local elections in 2018, region Antwerp/Flanders

I want to fortify the Belgian Pirates by making sure we run in at least 20 communities (in 2012 we did 8...)

what I do

I contact aspiring Pirates from communities where no crew is active to motivate them to form a list and run for the local elections in 2018. I am vouched for by the Antwerp crew and by various pirates throughout the country (in Flanders as well as in Wallonia)

why I do this

I have witnessed 4 elections and saw the same mistakes over and over: not enough lists were handed in, so the PP was not represented where it should. I want to make sure there are as much lists as possible.


I'm a classical pirate in the sense that I think Privacy and Piracy should be the main focus.

On the other hand I think the Party should evolve with and embrace new ideas.

I am working on a Dutch e-book on my writings on Pirate ideology and party politics