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20 octobre 2021 : La Chambre veut étendre "le droit à l'oubli" des patients atteints d'une maladie chronique

La commission Économie de la Chambre a approuvé mercredi à l'unanimité une résolution de la majorité Vivaldi visant à étendre le "droit à l'oubli" aux patients atteints de certaines maladies chroniques. Si la maladie est sous contrôle, les compagnies d'assurance ne devraient plus en tenir compte, estiment les députés.

7 December 2020 : Want Vaccines Fast? Suspend Intellectual Property Rights

New York Times 
The proposal, put forward by India and South Africa in October, calls on the W.T.O. to exempt member countries from enforcing some patents, trade secrets or pharmaceutical monopolies under the organization’s agreement on trade-related intellectual property rights, known as TRIPs. It cites the “exceptional circumstances” created by the pandemic and argues that intellectual property protections are currently “hindering or potentially hindering timely provisioning of affordable medical products”; the waiver would allow W.T.O. member countries to change their laws so that companies there could produce generic versions of any coronavirus vaccines and Covid-19 treatments.

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