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EGA2014-08: Resquad Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Sun 16 March 2014
Status Done


This project aims to produce an amendment to chapter II.2. of the statutes governing squads in order to clarify their purpose and their functioning.


Add stuff freely, but discuss any change on the Talk page.

Short presentation

This must not to be included in the statutes):

The idea is to split the current squads into different entities :

  • Projects : formerly known as project squads. They are temporary, less constraints are imposed.
  • Resource centres : formerly known as thematic squads. They are now inherently passive. The 4G squad can be integrated in them.
  • Squads : those are the crucial units we need to make the party function as a whole. A control procedure is introduced.

The coreteam is defined as the place where day-to-day decisions are made. The other squads are there (among others) to implement decisions taken by the coreteam.

For example, if the coreteam decides on the amount to give to each crew for election campaign, the finance squad has to ask for receipts and proceed reimbursements. Coreteam members stay out of the process.

So basically, coreteam should talk and meet, and other squads should do.


Conflict resolution

To define


See current statutes.

  • The role of captain is centred around crew members and group dynamics.
  • The role of navigator is centred around administrative tasks.


  • Every pirate can start a project that respects the statutes and the general goals of the party.
  • Every pirate starting a project has to contact the coordination squad with the following information : a description of the project and a contact person.
  • The coordination squad formally records the project after verifying that it respects the statutes and the values of the party.
  • Any project that hasn't been declared to the coordination squad is de facto not endorsed by the party.
  • If the project ends of is in stand-by, the contact person of the project has to tell the coordination squad.
  • (OPT) Any project has to be publicly presented on a webpage.

Resource centres

  • A resource centre is a directory listing pirates having particular skills or knowledge about a particular subject. It may contain other information related to its theme such as documentation, a list of experts, etc.


  • The following entities, referred by squads should be named as follows :
    • squads
    •  ?
  • There are exactly 9 squads in the party. Those are :
    • Coaching
    • Coordination
    • Coreteam
    • Finance
    • GA
    • IT
    • Press
    • Secretary
    • Wiki

The roles of each squad is described in following sections.

  • There are two ways for a pirate to become member of a squad :
    1. Get approved by a motion of confidence at a GA.
    2. Get unanimously approved by the current members of the squad. In this case, this decision has to be actively announced to all pirates.
  • There are two ways for a member of a squad to get out :
    1. Resign.
    2. Fail a motion of confidence at a GA.
  • Any squad contains a minimum of two members.
  • At the first GA of each year, each squad presents an activity report and a motion confidence is called for it. If it fails for a given squad, a motion of confidence is called for each of its members in turn.
  • Every candidacy to a squad has to follow a procedure still to define.


  • The Coaching squad has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Welcome new members.
    • Spread guidelines.
    • Provide documentation and resources to newcomers.
    • To complete
  • The coordination squad has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Manage incoming email from the contact address By "manage" is meant : forwarding to the right person to answer.
    • Maintaining a public list of crews, including a contact person.
    • Maintaining a public list of ongoing projects, including a contact person.
    • Maintaining a public list of resource centres.
    • Convoke any pirate, squad, crew, coreteam or project representative to ask for information on their activities.
  • The coordination squad serves as an "oracle" for pirates. By this is meant that every pirate having a particular need or question can contact the coordination squad. The coordination squad is then expected to put him/her in touch with the right pirate to help him/her.
  • The coordination squad shares actively and regularly its knowledge of the party's internal businesses to pirates.


  • Every decision of the coreteam must be communicated to all pirates.
  • The coreteam has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Manage the budget of the party. The implementation of the budget is left to the finance squad.
    • Nominate international delegates.
    • To complete


  • The members and only the members of the finance squad have access to the bank accounts of the party.
  • The Finance squad has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Implementing the budget approved by the General Assembly.
  • The finances will be monitored by a control group.
  • Income and outcome have to be visible at anytime by anyone.


  • The GA squads organizes general assemblies.
  • The GA squad has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Ensure that the GA protocol is correctly followed.
    • Collect all proposals and amendments made by members.
    • Prepare all voting documents.
      • Ensures that the documents are translated.
    • Publish the statutes.
    • Collect the motion of confidences.


  • The members and only the members of the IT squad have access to the servers of the party, with exception for the members of the wiki squad, who have a limited access to them, as described in the corresponding section.
  • To detail


  • The Press squad has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Speak in the name of the party to press.
    • React to news by publishing press releases.
    • To detail.


  • The members and only the members of the secretary squad have access to the database of members of the party.
  • The Secretary squad has the following exclusive competencies :
    • Ensure the party meets all legal requirements.
    • ...


  • The wiki squad maintains the wiki.
  • The members and only the members of the Wiki squad have administrator rights on the wiki.
  • The members of the wiki squad have also access to the wiki installation through a special SSH access.


  • A motion of confidence requires 60% of the expressed votes to pass.
  • It takes 3 pirates to call a motion of confidence.
  • Before a vote is taken, the reasons for the motion have to be clearly exposed by the persons calling it.


What squads are

  • 43. Les Squads sont les groupes de travail du parti.
  • 44. Les Squads ne sont pas liées à une ville ou région.
  • 45. Les squads sont de 2 types : par thème et par projet (limitée dans le temps).
  • 46. Les squads de projet se composent d’au moins 3 pirates.
  • 47. Les squads thématiques se composent d’au moins 3 pirates issus d’au moins deux équipages différents.
  • 48. Un Pirate peut faire partie d’autant de Squads qu’il le souhaite.
  • 49. Les seules conditions pour rejoindre une Squad sont l’intention et la capacité de participer.
  • 50. Les postes spécifiques d’une Squad sont un Responsable de projet dans une Squad de projet, pas de postes spécifiques pour les Squads thématiques.
  • 51. La Squad est le groupe de travail d’oùprovient les impulsions, les positions et les actions du Parti.
  • 52. Les Squads formalisent les impulsions, initiatives et idées fournies par les Pirates.
  • 53. Un projet est défini par un échéancier (début/ fin), un produit final et un Responsable.
  • 54. Le Responsable du projet est responsable du respect des délais et de l’adéquation avec le Projet Pirate.
  • 55. Le Responsable de Projet entre en relation avec les instances concernées pour faire connaître l’initiative, vérifier son originalité (pas de doublons) et rassembler des ressources humaines.
  • 56. Pour valider le travail d’une Squad, les critères suivants doivent être rencontrés :
    • a) le référencement (tout élément de proposition et/ou d’argumentation doit être appuyé d’une documentation) et la transparence (ladite documentation doit être accessible à tous);
    • b) le travail doit être adopté par l’Assemblée Générale ou par une instance désignée par l’Assemblée générale ;
    • c) la production passera par des outils de travail collaboratif (wiki, lqfb, jegouverne, forums, pad, irc, mumble,...);
    • d) la Squad tient à jour une page wiki (infos, PV, ...) et diffuse ses infos (mailing list, ...);
    • e) la Squad doit présenter un rapport de son activité au moins une fois par an ;
    • f) la Squad a pris contact avec la Coreteam.

What squads should be

  • Les squads doivent permettre de remplir les missions que les pirates se sont assignées lors des assemblées générales => Squad obligatoire
    • La coreteam a la responsabilité de trouver des gens pour ces travaux qui doivent répondre à un cahier de charge (collaboratif, transparence, vie privée,...)
  • Les squads doivent permettre aux membres de prendre connaissance des travaux des autres pirates => Squad émergent
    • Le travail peut être commencé de manière informelle puis transformé en squad de projet. Des projets récurrents ou semblables peuvent devenir des composants d'un squad thématique.
    • La coreteam a la responsabilité d'aider les groupes de travail à évoluer vers un squad formalisé (templates wiki, encadrement,...)