Brussels Fleet

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Brussels Fleet Toicon-icon-avocado-fold.svg
Anchoring Rue Gérard 47A
City 1040 Brussels
Province ?
Region ?
Members ?
Captain Marouan Jailbroken
Navigator Wissam Chaïri
Treasurer Muriel Colon
Status ?
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[FR] : La Flotte bruxelloise a été mise sur pied dans la perspective des prochaines élections régionales à Bruxelles. La Flotte est composée de tous les équipages et de tous les Pirates de notre région.

[EN] : The Brussels Fleet was setup to handle the next regional elections in Brussels. It is composed by all Crews and Pirates of our regio.

[NL] :

Our campaign website



Brussels Fleet organises weekly meetings, on a week day (currently Monday) in the evening. All meetings are announced on the fleet website.

Brussels and language use

You can expect to hear and read a mix of French, English, and Dutch during our meeting. Currently the meetings are held in French/Dutch and wiki is available in English. Language use isn't fixed and can be adapted to suit any situation and/or individual.

Meeting Reports

  • All our meeting reports are available our pad

  • The older meeting reports are there


As decided on the July 8th meeting, every political domain will be covered by a five step process.

All the building process will be centralized on this wikipage