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This document aims to help Mastodon moderators to do their job more easily.

As a reminder, the Code of Conduct of our instance is located there, and changes and remarks are made on this pad.

How is moderation handled?

Note: "Suspend" or "block" means that the account is completely removed from our server. "Silence" or "mute" means that people from our instance won't see their toots, unless they decide to follow them.

First, discuss with the mods about which action should be taken regarding the problematic person. Usually, we try to contact the person in order to explain what is the problem, and to clarify if needed. Once a consensus is reached within the moderation team, we can decide whether to suspend or silence the account.

In the case of spamming, harassment, bullying, porn without content warning and, in some case, illegal stuff, a moderator can decide by themself to suspend or silence the account. However, they must report of their decision with the moderation team, either by using the report tool or by directly messaging the other moderators. A discussion may follow to see if this was the right decision to take.

We can decide to suspend or silence a whole instance when we feel the community is problematic. For example, we would silence any dedicated porn instance where users don't use content warnings. We would suspend instances that don't respect users privacy, or that are dedicated to bullying, fascism, etc. If we have solid information about that instance, we might react preventively (e.g. a known fascist community opens an instance). Whenever an instance is suspended or silenced, a public statement is made with the PPBe account.