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= Drafts/topics =
= Drafts/topics =
== [[User:Vanecx/Right_to_repair| Right to repair]] ==
== [[User:Vanecx/Post-capitalist_society| Post-Capitalist Society]] ==
== [[User:Vanecx/Post-capitalist_society| Post-Capitalist Society]] ==

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Renaud VE Toicon-icon-avocado-disguise.svg
City Liège
Crew Pirates de Liège
Workgroups Ministère de la Démocratie
Mouvement éco-citoyen liégeois
Pirate Lab
Topics Democracy
Contact renaud@pirateparty.be
Website [1]
Loomio vanecx
Mastodon @vanecx@mastodon.pirateparty.be
Telegram @Vanecx
PolitiScale Humanité · Ecologie · Justice
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E-mail Discussion
Pirate Knowledge
Element Known (Y/N) Date Validated by
Short history of the Pirate movement (international) Y 2012 Vanecx
Short history of the Pirate Party of Belgium Y 2012 Vanecx
Values of PPBe (basic text) Y 2015 Vanecx
Organization of PPBe:
General principles Y 2012 Vanecx
Transparency (practical aspects) -> wiki, forum Y 2012 Vanecx
Right to initiative (practical aspects) -> projects Y 2013 Vanecx
Decision-making process -> forum Y 2013 Vanecx
Crews (practical aspects) -> wiki Y 2012 Vanecx
Administrative & financial -> emails, website, IT, people Y 2013 Vanecx
Tools of PPBe:
Pad Y 2012 Vanecx
Wiki Y 2012 Vanecx
Website Y 2016 Vanecx
Forum Y 2015 Vanecx
Instant Messaging Y 2018 Vanecx
Social Media Y 2017 Vanecx
Emails Y 2015 Vanecx

Vanecx (Renaud VE)

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P2P Foundation

Commons Transition

Imagine Demain Le Monde


Post-Capitalist Society