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== Liens utiles ==
* [https://wiki.pirateparty.be/index.php?namespace=1&tagfilter=&translations=noaction&users=&title=Special%3ARecentChanges Discussions Récentes]
== Introduction == <!--T:1-->
== Bac à sable ==
The following guidelines are a '''work-in-progress document''' produced by the [[Special:MyLanguage/Internal Democracy|Internal Democracy]] group. They are experimented at each of the group's meeting.
== Structure of the meeting == <!--T:3-->
* [[User:Tierce/sandbox/0]] (pirates topics related to our Texte de base).
* [[User:Tierce/sandbox/Membership_Replacement]]
* [[User:Tierce/sandbox/Microsoft]]
* [[User:Tierce/sandbox/Code_de_Démocratie_Locale_de_la_Région_Wallone]]
=== Intro ''plenary'' === <!--T:4-->
* [[User:Tierce/sandbox/crews_pages]] (redondance à propos des crews).
== Fichiers ==
:There are tree short roundtables:
:* Everyone tells at what '''time''' they want/need to leave.
:* Everyone says how they feel/what there '''mood''' is (1-2 words)
:* Everyone tells about their '''expectation'''(s) and/or '''wish'''(es)
:** Expectations (what do they want to do/talk about/see happening). We defined expectations as things need to be done/happen or else you wouldn't want to come any more.
:** Everyone tells their wishes. These are thing you would like to see done/like to do, but it's not so bad if these don't happen.
* Liste de [[Special:ListFiles|tout les fichiers]] envoyés sur ce wiki.
:After this subgroups are formed (3/5 people) based on wishes (what people want to do/talk about).
=== Images ===
=== Body ''in subgroups'' === <!--T:7-->
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:Mod%C3%A8le_pirate_clair_.jpg
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:Infographie_-_d%C3%A9mocratie_participative.jpg
[[File:InternalDemocracyGuidelineFlagsEN.svg|250px|right|Structure of a meeting]]
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:Piratelab_ga_workshop-team1-program.pdf
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:Flyers_Pirate_Geneve-2.jpg
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:2014-04-14_flyer-a6-page002.png
Here people have the possibility to introduce further.
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:Organisation_pp-V4-2.png
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:Organisation_pp-V3.png
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/File:DivFctPPBe_2.jpg (ce genre de schéma à beau être '''rond''' mais c'est tout à fait hiérarchique #my2cents)
Discussion/work to be done.
Evaluation: this should be done every time someone intends to leave. This consists of:
# Feeling roudtable (see [[#Intro plenary|Intro]])
# Everyone can say what they thought the pro and contra of the process were. Discussion on how the process can be improved can be done here.
=== Closing ''plenary'' === <!--T:11-->
# Each subgroup reports orally his conclusion/decisions to the whole group
## Everyone needs to make sure they understand the conclusions, but there is no further discussion here.
## When everyone is sure they understand, everyone can say if they agree/disagree. If everyone agrees, this is a decision. If this is not the case, this can be discussed further in a net meeting. There is no discussion here.
## If there is no unanimity: decide for a next submeeting involving people disagreeing.
# Evaluation (30 minutes before the end time)
## Feeling roudtable, 1-2 words
## Pro's and contra's of the plenaries (intro and closing) and discussion about how to do next time
## What do we decide for next time: venue, date, hour, general goal, proposition of subgroups.

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