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Name Jonas Degrave
Crew Crew Ghent and coreteam
qualifications Civil Engineer in electronics, erasmus in France, now working on his Phd in robotics. Got an European Law certificate from Coursera. Over the course of the years, I have also followed courses on politicology and philosophy. I have studied diction and giving lectures in art school and I am pretty good in giving talks. IQ>150, finalist in 7 science olympiads and won the Marianne De Leenheer-prijs.

I have been president of the Pirate Party in Flanders for a year, and I am in the coreteam now for 1,5 years. I have already run for the elections in West-Flanders. I am 23 years old.

language(s) Fluent Dutch, English, French and I understand German. Notions of Chinese, Latin, Greek.
motivation and political background My main political view is driven by the observation that wealth is distributed very unfairly on all levels, and that while it is killing people, not a lot of people seem to care.

Most of my viewpoints can be inferred from that given observation.

I am fiercly against a particracy, and I recognise that a particratic system is most easily broken with many small, internally democratic parties. That's why I have developed GetOpinionated, a liquid-democracy voting platform for the Pirate Party.

Secondly I am a social-liberalist. While I think the importance of the economy is over-stressed in contemporary politics, I believe that the lowest incomes should be fixed to a minimum level. I also recognise that there is no good reason for which the wage-ratio within a company can rise to more than a tenfold. Other than that I believe in a meritocracy, where taking a risk should be rewarded and where taking initiative should be made easier. In order to achieve that, we should do away with oversize companies and their methods to keep small companies from entering a market. I want a reasonable distribution for the wealth generated, between investors and the workforce.

Thirdly, I am ethically very progressive, and am in favor of a "live and let live" approach to society. I do believe that public goods in its broadest meaning (culture, media, public space) shouldn't be sold so cheaply.

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