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MediaWiki upgrade and VisualEditor

HgO (talkcontribs)

Hoy hoy !

I've upgraded the wiki to v1.30 :) Everything went fine, but if you see any bug, please report them to me (or in this talk page).

I've also installed the VisualEditor extension, in order to use it with the Flow extension. You can enable the editor by clicking on the pencil icon to the bottom-right when you type a message in a Talk page.

However, I won't enable the extension for other wiki pages, well because I don't think it makes it easier to edit a page actually. Also, templates should be configured properly, and... I don't want to do that :p (at least, it's not a priority to me)

Currently, I have a slight problem: it is possible to switch to the VisualEditor when you edit a wiki. There is an icon in the toolbar that allows this, and I couldn't find a way to hide it.

HgO (talkcontribs)

Oh nice, I managed to disable the VisualEditor for wiki pages :D (so forget the last paragraph of my previous post ;) )

HgO (talkcontribs)

Hello wiki fellows !

I've upgraded the wiki to v1.31.1 ! As always, if you see any bug, please let me know ! ;)

See ya.

Ilja (talkcontribs)