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Social Media Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Workgroup External Communication
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Tue 29 May 2012
Status Active


See this page to see the list of twitter accounts and facebook pages and groups.

Publishing Path

Pattern :


Event Date Venue
Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg Pirate Lab December 2015 Sat 19 December 2015, 1:00pm Pirates QG – Rue Gérard 47A
1000 Brussels

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  • Validating the pattern.
  • Deciding the language of communication.
  • Launching the FB page and Twitter account following the new pattern on January the 4th.


Although it is not desired, it is tolerated that Pirates sponsor some publications on a platform like Facebook. Special attention should be given to issues like : fair amount of money spent (small amounts, please); targeting women in advertising campaign with the aim of reducing the gender gap ; selection of shared articles and territories targeted should take into account other pirates (not just yourself).

2017 (Total : 186€)

Facebook (186€)

  • 19€ spent on the Esplanade article (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 19€ spent on the Mastodon/fr article (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 19€ spent on the Mastodon/nl article (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 75€ spent on Josse's article on democracy (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 10€ spent on the announcement we were in Wilfried (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 18€ spent on the article : Reaction on Ecolo's proposals (NL) (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 13€ spent on the article : Reaction on Ecolo's proposals (FR) (sponsor : Michel B)
  • 13€ spent on a article (sponsor : Josse C)


Spreadsheet gathering data on the website about : number of visitors each month ; number of visitors on each article/page (and money spent to sponsor their publication on the Facebook national page). Version made the 20/07/2017