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|title = Social Media Squad
|title = Social Media Squad
|topics= Pirate Party
|topics= Pirate Party
|workgroup = Com-X Squad
|start = 2012/05/29
|start = 2012/05/29
|end =  
|end =  

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Social Media Squad Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Workgroup Com-X Squad
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Tue 29 May 2012
Status Active


Publishing Path

Pattern : https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/ppbe-web-squad-w42o47kf/pad/view/publishing-path-3q2p47uy


Event Date Venue
Toicon-icon-avocado-discuss.svg Pirate Lab December 2015 Sat 19 December 2015, 1:00pm Pirates QG – Rue Gérard 47A
1000 Brussels

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  • Validating the pattern.
  • Deciding the language of communication.
  • Launching the FB page and Twitter account following the new pattern on January the 4th.


Although it is not desired, it is tolerated that Pirates sponsor some publications on a platform like Facebook. Special attention should be given to issues like : fair amount of money spent (small amounts, please); targeting women in advertising campaign with the aim of reducing the gender gap ; selection of shared articles and territories targeted should take into account other pirates (not just yourself).

2017 (Total : 186€)

Facebook (186€)

  • 19€ spent on the Esplanade article (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 19€ spent on the Mastodon/fr article (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 19€ spent on the Mastodon/nl article (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 75€ spent on Josse's article on democracy (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 10€ spent on the announcement we were in Wilfried (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 18€ spent on the article : Reaction on Ecolo's proposals (NL) (sponsor : Josse C)
  • 13€ spent on the article : Reaction on Ecolo's proposals (FR) (sponsor : Michel B)
  • 13€ spent on a Transparencia.be article (sponsor : Josse C)


Spreadsheet gathering data on the website about : number of visitors each month ; number of visitors on each article/page (and money spent to sponsor their publication on the Facebook national page). Version made the 20/07/2017