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The Hammer

What's wrong with GA's?

  • Not enough preparation from members
  • Not enough follow-up
  • Produces inconsistant or too complex statutes
  • Voting generates conflicts
  • Too punctual
  • Too heavy to prepare
  • Low participation rate

The Screwdriver

Which are the current problems in our organisation?

  • too much work to be done, not enough work being done
  • interested people are not integrated quick enough

What can we do?

  • Determine clear goals and specify credible intermediate objectives
  • Focus on the objectives, not on the structure
  • Less content per event
  • Better follow-up (GetOp, crew meetings)
  • Voting frequency reduced by half
  • Events related with each others (each event introduces the next one)
  • Possibility to participate on-line or between the events