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== Events ==
== Events ==
{{Events|Pirate Party}}
{{Events|Pirate Party,{{#ask: [[Category:Active Crews]] | link = none | limit = 100 }}|type=Meeting,PirateBeer}}

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There is no event for this workgroup.The following query condition could not be considered due to this wiki's restrictions on query size or depth: <code> [[Has event type::+]] [[Organized by::Pirate Party||31May2014 Event||Cercle Pirate ULB||Com-X||CommunitySquad||Coreteam||Decision-making process||Defining the values of PPBe||EGA2012||EGA2012/Statutes||EGA:2014/08 Uccle-Ukkel/Resquad||FinanceSquad||GA2013 Squad||GASquad||Graphics||ITSquad||ITSquad/Web||Internal Communication||Internal Democracy||International Squad||Journal de Bord||Mermaid||Office||Pirate Lab||Press Squad||Redaction||Social Media||WikiSquad||WikiSquad/Project/Improving the Wiki]] OR [[Has event type::+]] [[In topic::Pirate Party]] </code>.Add a new event
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