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Workgroup Pirate Lab
Date Sat 28 October 2017
Time 2:00pm
Venue D'autres mondes
Rue Notre Dame 13
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Pirate Lab October 2017

About this meeting

Pirate Labs can be seen as incubators for pirate projects. This is the perfect place for people to propose their ideas and to launch new projects.

If you have any ideas of projects, or want to help other projects, please do come!

We will use the meeting guidelines proposed by the internal democracy group. Please have a look at them before coming to the lab :)

To-do list


Lab starts at 2 pm. For those who want to lunch together before the lab, they can coordinate on the following pad:


Suggestions for the agenda happen on this pad. We strongly advise you to read the pad before coming to this lab!


8 people were present at the lab. We decided to divide into two subgroups : one about transparency and another about the dichotomy between personal initiatives and group consensus.

At the end of the meeting, most people had to leave. The remaining people formed a third group where they reflected on the use of icons for the wiki.



The main purpose of this new project is to make administrative documents public. First, we will focus on cities in Brabant Wallon, and in particular in Louvain-la-Neuve and Wavre because those two cities seems to be the more transparent ones. Thus, this might be easier to obtain documents.

Once the documents are available, another objective will be to present them in a human-readable way. For instance, the city's finances should be represented as a set of graphs (cf. http://openbudgetokc.com/).

We decided to use a wiki (dokuwiki or mediawiki). We would need tags, and especially geotags so that people can filter documents by city. Users should also be able to filter documents by date. Finally, we should be notified whenever a new document is available, or needs to be classified. Notifications should also happen per category (tags).

We should make a clear link with https://transparencia.be, since this will be the main tool to obtain the documents. Another way, but more complicated, could be to propose a kind of dropbox where people could upload their documents in an anonymous way (this can be done using tor ?). For instance, this could be useful for municipal employees (whistle-blowers) ? However, the main objective is to obtain the documents by the "legal" way, in order to change the mentality of cities, and to fill the gaps in the law.

We also decided to compare cities in order to tell which are "good" and "bad" cities in term of transparency. We should produce a good documentation about what we want to obtain, why we do that, how all this "works", etc. Finally, we will indicate on the website that this is an initiative of the Pirate Party.

We will create a github with the account of the pirate party. Patrick will invite Fred, (Renaud ?) and Hadrien on a Framateam (Mattermost). We will explore both dokuwiki and mediawiki. For the dokuwiki, Patrick makes available to us an OVH server. For the mediawiki, we will ask ITSquad whether we can use the infomaniak's server, because a mediawiki needs a database.

Decision making : Personal initiative vs Consensus


We have to create a page indicating the credits of the icons used on the wiki. A dark theme for the icons is better looking than a light theme. We decided to reuse icons from the mindmap used for the survival guide (see http://www.toicon.com/series/feather). We thus decided to use this set of icons.