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Topics Pirate Party
Start date Sat 25 January 2014
Contact see member list
Status In progress


We are pirates exploring new ways of reaching decisions together. General goals of the Lab:

  • Launch new projects: come and propose your project, and find pirates to achieve it with you.
  • Meet other pirates
  • Work in groups
  • Explore democracy (a Lab is... a democracy laboratory!)
  • Getting things done!
  • Check together what pirates need to make progress
  • Coordination between financial administration and what the pirates want

Pirate Lab Events

The current project is to organize one Pirate Lab every month from April 2015 on. There is a page for every Pirate Lab. At forehand, you are invited to suggest/complete topics for the agenda in the pad on the page or in the wiki page itself. The classical formula is to have a shorter general discussion of certain points together. Then we split in workgroups afterwards in order to work efficiently. Minutes are made at the end of the pad as a report.

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LocationLes Triplettes – Avenue des Saisons, 81, Ixelles - Elsene

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Vincent L., Frédéric M., Valérie D., Damiens R., Patrick I., Hadrien, tierce, Ilja, Put your name here ;)