Pirate Assembly Fall 2014

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Practical info




Sunday 14th of December


Taverne "De Granmaat"

Grote Markt 24, 9100 Sint-Niklaas


Morning : all pirates / Afternoon: Everybody



  • Welcome
  • Reporting
    • GA
      • Update and cleaning of the statutes
    • Finance
      • Black Pearl
      • Transfer
      • Members
    • Wiki
      • We want to teach you how to use it
    • IT
      • We need proper maintenance of the servers
    • Coaching/Coordination
      • We want to help you yo realize your projects. Help us to promote them.
    • Press
    • Coreteam
      • We have spent some time cleaning (dirty) stuffs.
      • Operational Squads: Who needs what?


  • Projects: how to start your Pirate Project. Introduction by Coordination/Coaching Squad. Topic: Give the others pirates the opportunity to know and enjoy your project.
    • Basic Income
    • Get Op Workshop
    • Wiki Workshop
    • Public screenings
    • Piratebox


Todo list

  • Convocation (need a subscription formular to anticipate te number of participants)
  • Internet connection: OK (Kasper confirmed)
  • Etherpard server:
  • Wifi Router:
  • Food: Potluck (important to remind people about this)
  • Content:
  • Beamer:
  • Sound: (Ask Thomas for his speaker & microphone)
  • Printing of the document:
  • Chairs: