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= Agenda =
= Agenda =
=== Morning ===
=== (10.00 - 13.00) Morning ===
===== (9.30) Meet at the station (to be confirmed)=====
===== (9.30) Meet at the station (to be confirmed)=====
===== (10.00) Welcome by Waasland Crew =====
===== (10.00) Welcome by Waasland Crew =====

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Practical info




Sunday 14th of December, read the agenda of the day for all details.


Taverne "De Granmaat"

Grote Markt 24, 9100 Sint-Niklaas


  • Morning : All Pirates - Everybody
  • Afternoon: Everybody


(10.00 - 13.00) Morning

(9.30) Meet at the station (to be confirmed)
(10.00) Welcome by Waasland Crew
(10.15) Icebreaker (Crews presentation)
(10.45) Reporting

(13.00 - 14.00) Lunch

We can't make a potluck since the venue sells food. Here is a list of places where we can eat:

  • Panos sandich shop in the Stationsstraat 35
  • Basic Italian shop that sells pasta cups at Stationsstraat 52
    • Prices: 4.5 to 5.5 for a cup
  • Soep & Zoet, a soup store that also has homemade baking goods, Stationsstraat 16
    • 3.5 for a sandwich, 4 to 5 for soup
  • Enterken at Stationsstraat 11, also a sandwich shop like Panos but larger.

We suggest to coordinate int the discussion pad


Tentative agenda on pad below.


Direct link: http://piratepad.be/p/assembly_fall_2014_discussion


Todo list

  • Convocation (need a subscription formular to anticipate te number of participants)
  • Call to operational squads to prepare for reporting

  • Internet connection: OK: wifi available (Kasper has confirmed)

  • Local Etherpard server:

  • Wifi Router:

  • Food: Can't make a potluck since the venue sells food. We can choice a place to go in group. There is a line about lunch in the agenda.

  • Beamer:

  • Sound: OK (Thomas brings his speaker/microphone)

  • Printing of the document:
    • Need a document first --> so far, no printing needed

  • Chairs: OK (Kasper has confirmed)
  • Stickers for making badges + white board markers: name + something else?
    • Valerie can take care of stickers.
    • Who has markers?

Contact the orga

To contact us, go to the GA Squad page & pad