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Have a look at our "survival guide" to know more about who and what the pirates are and how we operate.
You can also watch this presentation (in French) made by pirates from La Louvière that explains the pirate party.
In case you are wondering about a specific word of our lingo, please check our lexicon in Dutch or in French ;)

You want to learn what is a wiki and how to use it? There is a wiki guide made just for you!

Have a look at the participate section to see how you can help us :)

You simply want to find something on the wiki but you feel completely lost? Don't panic! You can start your journey here:

Good luck! :)


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You can find our complete agenda, with a map of our events, on this page. Every month, we organize a Pirate Lab where you are always welcome to come! This is the perfect place to meet other pirates, launch your projects and share your ideas.

You can create a new event by using this form.


For a list of all the crews, active or not, you can go to this page. If you want to help, a good place to start is by joining a crew. If you have at least three pirates who want to start a crew, you are free to do so :) You can either reactivate an inactive crew page, or you can use this form to create a new crew page!


You can find the list of our current projects here. Feel free to contact the people or to join one of their meetings when you see a subject that interests you. Remember, all meetings are open to everyone ^^