Links between press & GAFAM

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Topics Privacy
Start date Sat 30 November 2019
Status In progress


Context :

  • GAFAM are an issue
  • press/media said they were fighting for democracy against GAFAM during the Copyright Directive debate
  • but press/media are not actually fighting against GAFAM, au contraire
  • let's do something (article, communiqué, open letter, petition...) to ask press/media to stop collaborating actively with GAFAM
  • some things that corroborate that collaboration :

In the last months/years, the press overwhelmingly claimed it was fighting for democracy against GAFAM. Let's take them at their word about this, and show them the problem. Either they are unaware of it, blind, or hypocrit. Either case we need to tell them by calling out this collaboration. Who else will?

There are 2 risks :

  • as we attack the press, we might be assimilated to a populist party (because attacking the press is a trademark of populism) => we need to document carefully each affirmation
  • the press might hate us => it's not our objective, we believe in the press; also, we don't have much to lose anyway, our media cover is almost non-existing...


  • Start of the project during the Lab of 30/11/2019
  • Creation of a wikipage for the project : done 28/03.
  • Creation of a Loomio thread to announce the project and have feedback
  • Creation of a pad to document these links between press & GAFAM
  • Discussion to decide on next steps : creation of one or several articles, press release, petition, open letter, public gatherings, etc