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Belgian Pirates IT Squad online meeting, 06/12/2012


  • Koen
  • David
  • Patrick (but couldn't participate due to technical problems)


Koen was asked for the possibility to live stream the EGA via Wireless Antwerp/Belgium. To do that we have to have access to a tall building. Ask people who are familiar with the location (Centre Placet, 1, Rue de l’Hocaille, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve).

Work on the new website is progressing. Tom could not attend this hangout due to sickness, but he will post an update this weekend.

Although LiquidFeedback was chosen in the past as our Liquid Democracy tool of choice, this week concerns about that choice arose. Maybe we should go for the JeGouverne tool after all. This has to be discussed further, it seems a good idea for all persons concerned in the development (Jonas, Alex, David) to plan a meeting about it. Also Tom suggested GIT as a tool for direct democracy, there was a discussion about it on the mailing list. Interesting link: Ysenate / GitLaw, the page includes a TED presentation by Clay Shirky which is worth watching.

Todo: look into hosting/server solutions further.