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This tutorial aims to help you in creating a new calendar and importing wiki events on Thunderbird.

  1. Open the Create a new calendar menu, located in File > New > Calendar.
    Thunderbird Menu Create New Calendar.png
  2. Select On the Network as we will retrieve events from the wiki, then click Next.
    Thunderbird Create New Network Calendar.png
  3. On the wiki events page, copy the Export for iCalendar link.
    Wiki Export Events Link.png
  4. Back on Thunderbird, paste the link in the Location input text field. Select the iCalendar format, and click Next.
    Thunderbird Locate Calendar.png
  5. Finally, enter the name of your calendar (e.g. PPBE Events) and choose a color for it. Click Next and then Finish.
    Thunderbird Customize Calendar.png
  6. Congratulations ! You have created your PPBE calendar. This will be automically updated each time someone create a new event page on the wiki :)
    Thunderbird PPBE Calendar.png