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|title = Graphics Squad
|title = Graphics Squad
|topics= Pirate Party
|topics= Pirate Party
|start =  
|start = 2012/04/09
|end =  
|end =  
|contact =  
|contact =  

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Graphics Squad Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Topics Pirate Party
Start date Mon 9 April 2012
Status Abandoned

We make everything graphical for the pirate party.

  1. design a style for the Pirate Party (letters, documents, posters, communication, ...)
  2. design posters/flyers/videos/media on the Pirate Party or related subjects
  3. design campaigning material and merchandising
  4. be an access point for Crews and Squads which need a poster or flyer for an event they organize

Resources can be found here.