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|contact=[[User:ZeFredz|Fred M.]], [[User:Vincent.L|Vincent L.]], [[User:valerie|Valérie D.]], [[User:HgO|Hadrien]]
|contact=[[User:ZeFredz|Fred M.]], [[User:Vincent.L|Vincent L.]], [[User:valerie|Valérie D.]], [[User:HgO|Hadrien]]

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Welcome to the Generous Good Guys n Gals

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Our goal is to make connections between Pirates in need and Pirates that want to help them.

Bulletin Board Vacancies
Generous Good Guys n Gals Toicon-icon-avocado-build.svg
Start date Sat 1 October 2016
Contact Fred M.
Vincent L.
Valérie D.
Status Done

Welcome to the Generous Good Guys and Gals Squad, (aka 4G Squad)

You want to help and do something for other Pirates, but do not know what you can do? Then the 4G squad is the place to be!

The role of this squad is to provide "human resources" to other groups and squads who need punctual help.

  • The squad will offer a way to centralise task requests and dispatch it to volunteers,
  • and will build step by step a list of competencies and where (from whom) to find them.

You want to help ? Go to the Bulletin Board, you'll find instruction there. You can also add your skills to the list on the Skills page.

You need help for your project ? Go to the Bulletin Board, you'll find instruction there.

And of course feel free to contact us using the discussion tab at the top of this page.

NB: this squad is just fresh so the way work is organised is "work in progress". We are actually looking for volunteers to get this started ;-)...