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We have been voting on the following document.

The proposals can be found here.

Total voters : 32


Motie 1 : Financiëen - Motion 1 : Finances

1.1 Renumeratie van mandaten - Réemunération des mandats

Vote 1: (Postponed)

13 green / 14 red

  • Discussions during the GA:
    • These number don't mean anything, 22,5% have to be specified and we need a distinction between full-time and part-time mandates.
    • A percentage of the national revenues should go towards the crews, in order to allocate a budget.
    • The underlying question is how strongly the elected people should be connected to the party (does one deal with his/her budget all alone,or is he/she getting it back from the party with help ?
    • Distinction between full time job versus city counselors.
    • Maximum/minimum wage for elected people (put a cap to avoid people who come just for the money).
    • Budget of the party could be voted on the GAs so that we know what will happen to the money.
    • More proposals will be made on a next GA.
    • We have to use crowd funding.
    • Should the elected people who get paid give some money to the party or should they give all their remuneration to the party that will retrocede them back a "salary" ?

1.2 Cotisation des membres - Lidgeld

Vote 2: D

Since the pairs A&C and B&D were very similar, we decided at first to choose between A&C (red cards) or B&D (green cards)

  • 2,5 euro/month (A or C): 4 red
  • 1 euro/year (B or D): big majority
    • B:
    • D: big majority -> accepted

Motie 2: Conflicten oplossen - Motion 2: Résolution des conflits

2.1 Moderatie - Moderation

Vote 3: accepted

Vote 4: accepted

if not the GA, it will be the squads managing the channels

2.2 Verzoenings- en tuchtcommissie - Commission de conciliation et de discipline

Vote 5: accepted

Remark : "bestuur" removed from dutch version.

Vote 6: accepted

Vote 7: A

  • A: accepted
  • B (simple majority) : rejected de facto since we have choosen A
  • C (special majority) : idem

Remark during the GA: What does entity mean ?

  • Person (green) : 14
  • Group (red) : 15

>>> Entity is defined as "minimum 3 pirates" at the majority.

Vote 8: accepted

Vote 9: accepted with a warning

  • 13 green and 9 red -> Accepted

Remark 1: the majority of voters isn't obtained, because of a lot of abstention.

Remark 2: The member of the Coreteam have to be cautious when suspending somebody.

Vote 10: accepted

Vote 11: accepted

Vote 12: B accepted

  • A: 13 green.
  • B: 15 red : accepted.

Vote 13: accepted

Remark: "coreteam election" is removed because it happens every 6 months and this doesn't make sense with the proposal.

Vote 14: (Postponed)

The coreteam has to confirm the suspension/exclusion for every decision (not only before the elections) : 13 green / 13 red

Postponed for later in the day


if the coreteam doesn't validate => escalade to the GA

we need to reformulate this proposition for the next GA

A: green :

B: red :

Remark the decision will supercede vote 13

Vote 15: accepted

Vote 16: accepted

Vote 17: B

A green :

B red : accepted

Vote 18: accepted

Idea from the the discussion :

motivation of the decision from the conflict resolution group/mediation team

2.3 Projecten - Projets

Remark : what's a project ? we will have to define this

Vote 19: A

A : rejected

B : accepted

Vote 20: A & B

Remark: if there is no coordination team, it's the coreteam that takes this role

A : accepted B: 15 green / 10 red -> accepted

Motie 3: Structuur - Motion 3: Structure

3.1 Coreteam - Coreteam

Vote 21: (postponed)

13 green / 14 red

a new proposal will be made based on the discussions prior to voting

So we will skip 3.2 and 3.3

3.2 Secretariaat - secrétariat

Vote 22: (postponed)

Vote 23: (postponed)

Vote 24: (postponed)

Vote 25: (postponed)

3.3 coördinatie-comite - comité de coordination

Vote 26: (postponed)

Vote 27: (postponed)

Vote 28: (postponed)

Vote 29: (postponed)

Vote 30: (postponed)

Vote 31: (postponed)

3.4 Squads - Squads

Remark : the squads concerned by vote 32-35 are defined afterwards

Vote on the general principle to delegate certain responsibilities of the coreteam to squads and to allow the coreteam to take back those

responsibilities (decision at the simple majority) -> accepted

Squads should be reworded "operational squads" in this context

Vote 32: B & C

A: accepted B: accepted

Vote 33: A & B

A:accepted B: accepted

Vote 34: accepted

3.5 Coaching-squad - L'escouade Coaching

Vote 35: accepted

3.6 Coordinatie-squad - L'escouade de coordination

Vote 36: accepted

Vote 37: rejected

7 green / more red

Vote 38: accepted

3.7 Coreteam-squad - L'escouade Coreteam

Vote 39: not voted

This is inconsistent with previous decisions -> will not vote 39

Vote 40: accepted

3.8 Financien-squad - L'escouade Finance

Vote 41 : B accepted with a remark

Who approves the budget ? A green Coreteam : rejected

B red GA : accepted

Remarks : what will happen if the GA don't approve the budget ? -> need a proposal on that at next GA

Vote 42: accepted

3.9 Algemene Vergadering-squad - L'escouade AG

Vote 43: accepted

3.10 IT-squad - L'escouade IT

Vote 44: accepted

3.11 Pers-squad - L'escouade Presse

NB: not about opinion letters (in personal name), only press releases of the party

Question: what about local press?

Vote 45: accepted

3.12 Secretariaat-squad - L'escouade Secrétariat

Question: shouldn't we make it possible for the coreteam to access the list of members by itself?

Vote 46: accepted

3.13 Wiki-squad - L'escouade Wiki

Vote 47: accepted

3.14 Naam - Nom

It's about finding a name for the "operational squads"

Vote 48: Operational Squad

Operational Squads (vs. "who cares" vs. "squads" vs. "organs")

3.15 Procedures - Procédures

Vote 49: Simple Majority

Issue with wording: motie van wantrouwen and motion de défiance instead of vertrouwen/confiance. It's about getting someone out.

Voted for simple majority (not special majority)

Vote 49' : accepted

also applies to the coreteam -> accepted

Vote 50: accepted

New Squads & Coreteam

See the vonting document to know the definition of each group. The new Squads are the following:

Every candidate has been approved by the GA.

Coordination squad

  • Noémi
  • Kjell
  • Thomas

IT Squad

  • David Leben
  • Gilles Durys
  • Greg Siebrand
  • Thomas
  • Fred Pasteleur
  • Kjell

GA Squad

  • Valerie
  • Vincent
  • Fred M
  • Alexis

Coaching Squad

  • Kash
  • Renaud
  • Kjell

Wiki Squad

  • HgO (Hadrien)
  • Vincent
  • Fred M
  • Manu
  • Alexis

Press Squad

  • Alexis
  • Sarah
  • Thomas


  • Kash
  • Vincent L.
  • Stef
  • Thomas (no approval needed)
  • Patrick
  • Kjell (no approval needed)

Please note that the following Squads are void, therefore their roles are assumed by the coreteam:

  • Finance
  • Seccretariaat - Secrétariat