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Follow-up on proposals

Proposals that were rejected or suspended and could be re-worked:

New ideas that came out from the discussions:

  • We need to think about how we want the party to be financed (e.g. if crowdfunding, how?) cf. vote 1
  • During the debate about the Vote 2 (Cotisation des membres - Lidgeld), there was a will of recommending an "ideal price" (between 10 and 15€ per year).
  • The mediation commission should motivate its decision
  • What about the link between press squad, crews and local press? (cf. vote 45)

You can also make some new proposals or amendments by the mean of GetOpinionated :

Operational Squads (new) & Coreteam

See the voting document to know the definition of each group. The Operational Squads are the following:

Coordination squad

  • Noémi
  • Kjell
  • Thomas

IT Squad

  • David Leben
  • Gilles Durys
  • Greg Siebrand
  • Thomas
  • Fred Pasteleur
  • Kjell

GA Squad

  • Valerie
  • Vincent
  • Fred M
  • Alexis

Coaching Squad

  • Kash
  • Renaud
  • Kjell

Wiki Squad

  • HgO (Hadrien)
  • Vincent
  • Fred M
  • Manu
  • Alexis

Press Squad

  • Alexis
  • Sarah
  • Thomas


  • Kash
  • Vincent L.
  • Stef
  • Thomas
  • Patrick
  • Kjell

Please note that the following Squads are void, therefore their roles are assumed by the coreteam: If you are interested to join, contact the coreteam ( email: coreteam 'at' ).

  • Finance
  • Seccretariaat - Secrétariat


The General Assembly is over. Now is time to have a feedback, to keep going in the right way.

You have the pad to give your opinion and help us to improve the next GA: feel free to write in the language you like! Schrijf maar in de taal je wil! Ecris dans la langue de ton choix!

Direct link here :