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About the Squad

The Squad aims to work on issues related to the pharmaceutical industry. The ACTA treaty demonstrates that intellectual property issues affect not only the entertainment industry. In Belgium, recently, we learned that Belgium was paying ten times more expensive drugs in Holland. Two days later, Belgian Minister of Health announces that the calculation of reimbursement of medications by INAMI will be reviewed. Should we remember that Belgium has signed ACTA, via the EU ? And that EU Commissioner in charge of negotiations names Karel De Gucht?


Everyone is welcome: all that matters is goodwill and desire to participate. To join the Squad, please just send an email to <email>info@pirateparty.be</email>

  • Julien Lamme
  • Marouan El Moussaoui


All the things we do, every single thought and action should be documented on this page.

This way, all the work done can be continued by the leaving squadmembers' successor without falling for the 'unmaintained'trap that has caused harm to the party in the past.

All position should be properly documented and commented.




  • First Documentation
  • Recruiting people
  • Benchmarking other PP