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Captain Glenn Bouckaert
Navigator Pieter Iserbyt
Treasurer none
Status ?



The crew that's currently running Pirate Party Ghent is currently unnamed. It's a bunch of local guys coming together and see what they can do. It's still in an early stage but we hope new crews will pop-up over time.


We are setting up a local program: Programma van de Gentse Crew

Mailing list

We have a mailing list for the ghent crew. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at . Be sure to subscribe to the one that says "Inschrijven op de mailing list van de Gentse Piraten" :-). This is a very good idea if you want to show up at a meeting.



The address is:

vzw Soirée variété
Donkersteeg 7, 
9000 Gent, Belgium

on Google Maps


We meet at 20:00 every Tuesday.

Getting in


  • Bring your laptop if you can, there is free internet, and you will be able to share in the note-taking.
  • Yes, you are welcome if you want to come over!

Meeting notes

When Meeting notes
18 Oct 2011 CrewGent/Meeting01
1 Nov 2011 CrewGent/Meeting02
8 Nov 2011 CrewGent/Meeting03
15 Nov 2011 CrewGent/Meeting04
22 Nov 2011 CrewGent/Meeting05
28 Nov 2011 CrewGent/Meeting06
6 Dec 2011 CrewGent/Meeting07
13 Dec 2011 CrewGent/Meeting08
20 Dec 2011 CrewGent/Meeting09
10 Jan 2012 CrewGent/Meeting10
17 Jan 2012 CrewGent/Meeting11
22 Jan 2012 CrewGent/ManifestoMeeting
31 Jan 2012 CrewGent/Meeting12
7 Feb 2012 CrewGent/Meeting13
21 Feb 2012 CrewGent/Meeting15
28 Feb 2012 CrewGent/Meeting16
6 Maa 2012 CrewGent/Meeting17
12 Maa 2012 CrewGent/Meeting18
20 Maa 2012 CrewGent/Meeting19
27 Maa 2012 CrewGent/Meeting20
03 Apr 2012 CrewGent/Meeting21
10 Apr 2012 CrewGent/Meeting22
24 Apr 2012 CrewGent/Meeting23
1 Mei 2012 CrewGent/Meeting24
15 Mei 2012 CrewGent/Meeting25
22 Mei 2012 CrewGent/Meeting26
5 Juni 2012 CrewGent/Meeting27
19 Juni 2012 CrewGent/Meeting28
26 Juni 2012 CrewGent/Meeting29
04 Juli 2012 CrewGent/Meeting30
14 Augustus 2012 CrewGent/Meeting31
21 Augustus 2012 CrewGent/Meeting32
28 Augustus 2012 CrewGent/Meeting33
25 September 2012 CrewGent/Meeting37
02 Oktober 2012 CrewGent/Meeting38
09 Oktober 2012 CrewGent/Meeting39
16 Oktober 2012 CrewGent/Meeting40

Current Projects

  • We are currently trying to compile a manifesto for CrewGent; draft currently at CrewGent/CrewGentManifesto.
  • 2012 elections
    • Results of the last local elections in Ghent.
    • Gathering info on Sabam

Past Projects

  • We did some awesome projection of the Pirate Logo on the Light Festival of Ghent 2012. Pictures


  • Taalgebruik: Engels? -> neen, Nederlands of Engels, maakt niet uit. Engels = iets meer toegankelijker voor iedereen in Belgie, Nederlands = meest gebruikte taal in Gent. Expect a mix of Dutch and English on this site, dutch will be used more often during the meetings IRL.
  • Edit / add something on the wiki? Use the 'edit'-tab or for certain sections the 'edit'-hyperlink to edit a page. Don't forget that when you save, you'll have to solve a simple sum that appears above the textbox, after which you need to click 'Save page' again before your changes get saved.
  • IT related stuff? If you need to contact the IT workgroup, you can do so at itwerkgroep @t pirateparty d0t be.

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